Ain’t technology great

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I’m not here. In fact I’m not even now. 

I’m 140+ miles away and 36 hours ago.

Right now (Saturday), I’m actually in Dublin working on a sales promotion project with a UK firm that we partner with - but I wrote this post on Thursday evening sitting in my office in Derry, N. Ireland.its an even longer way to tipperary

Technology lets you do all sorts of wonderful things – like being able to write this post and have it published a few days later. It means I can keep my business, and this blog ticking over, in my absence (just don’t expect a reply to any emails until Monday).

Of course, you can do the same without any technology by simply taking the time now, to plan and set up marketing processes and ideas that can be implemented down the line.

And now is the right time to do it too.

Needless to say, if business is slow then effective marketing can help turn the tide, but just as importantly when things are busy, you should get your marketing in place and avoid the ’stop / start’ marketing effect that plagues so many small businesses.

Anyway, back to work. You can’t be in two places at once you know.


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