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June 2008

Anyone who’s ever read Seth Godin’s books or blogs (and an awful lot of people have) will probably have been introduced to the idea of a Purple Cow.
A Purple Cow is something that is truly, actually remarkable, i.e. it makes you remark – ideally to your friends, family and colleagues.
Burger King have launched their version [...]

The more I read from Drew McLellan the more I want to buy him a beer. In a recent post entitled Where in the World is Your Customer?, Drew highlights a common affliction of many businesses: Aren’t-We-Great-itis (AWG for short).
AWG is a naturally occurring problem whereby a business focuses on itself in its marketing communications [...]


Anybody who has been to one of my marketing planning workshops has probably heard me explain the importance of good targeting using the ‘one man billboard’ idea.
Imagine you were driving down a street and saw a billboard that read: “Hey John Brown, STOP. You need to buy our product.” You’d slam on the breaks, probably [...]

Premium UK pizza chain Pizza Express included this A6 (folded to A7) voucher in with frozen versions of their pizza for redemption in their restaurants. It accomplishes a few things:

Serves as an on-pack promo to increase retail sales
Cross promotes restaurant brand
Encourages trial at restaurant
Aligns brand with ‘friendship’ concept – also encouraging WOM (i.e. to the [...]