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Dave over at JournaMarketing discusses the need for good content in terms of SEO – linking this to the need for a good story teller to help create that content.

Quality content is something I’ve been spending more and more time advocating – both here and to clients. And for good reason. Great content creates interest, is the first step in many effective permission marketing strategies, positions you as expert and is essential for good SEO.

What I like about Dave’s take is that the story and content come first – SEO being a positive result of creating good, readable, interesting content. Journalists are experts in writing compelling stories, focus on this and the SEO effects (and the rest) will follow.

Of course, if you can do that yourself then there’s no need to draft in the services of a journo but if you lack the time or expertise it’s certainly worth considering.


David Brazeal 09.01.08 at 12:57 am

Thanks for the link. Every freelance journalist I know is stacked up with work because they’re in such demand, as people realize more and more how good content can improve their business. I spend a lot of time trying to convince clients that they can do the same things journalists do, if they’ll just make it a priority.

Mark Nagurski 09.01.08 at 12:15 pm

Hi David,

I definitely feel it’s a trend in the right direction. With so much content available there’s a real opportunity for businesses to connect using original, informative and personable content.

That takes planning and effort.

I’d agree that the issue is whether or not they make it a priority.

Thanks – Mark

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