Bigger than blogging

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I like Spike Jones’ observations on BlogWorld ‘08 at the Brains on Fire blog. One point in particular stood out:

Blogging is a tactic. A good one, mind you, to open the kimono and start conversations. But it’s still a piece of a larger puzzle. Ninety-two percent of word of mouth happens offline. So how do we utilize blogs to support offline efforts and vise-versa? And I’m not talking support traditional advertising. Let’s think bigger than that.”

It’s not just word-of-mouth that’s still happening offline though. People still buy offline. People still read offline. People still watch TV and listen to the radio and see billboards offline.

Good content can, without a doubt, be the cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy but not looking beyond the blogosphere and social media sites can be as short-sighted as pretending the Internet does not exist.

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