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Little boxes 1David Meerman Scott recently posted a tremendous discussion of how real estate giant Century 21 could potentially use content and social media to further grow the brand.

The post was in response to a comment from the Director Public Relations and Brand Communications for Century 21.

If there was ever a ‘bricks and mortar’ business in the middle of an online revolution Century 21 is it – some 84% of people start their search for a new home online

Understand Your Prospect’s Biggest Problem
- Then Answer It

Principally, David suggests two main ideas – redirecting current advertising spend into content-led strategies and moving the focus from product based marketing to a more customer focussed approach.

I think this is strong advice for any business. To my mind, becoming more customer centric naturally leads to a more content based mindset.

Customers are searching for ways to solve their problems, being customer centric means having an innate understanding of those problems and a intense focus on solving them. In most cases that will include providing informative content.

What say you? Can you be customer centric without placing content at the heart of your marketing?

You can read the entire post and comments here.

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10.08.08 at 9:06 pm


David Meerman Scott 10.09.08 at 1:03 am

Hey Mark,

This has indeed been a terrific discussion. Today, I posted an addition which is fascinating. That blog post you referenced is now number 5 or 6 in the Google search results.


Mark Nagurski 10.09.08 at 4:57 pm

Thanks for the link David – the results speak for themselves and as one of the comments pointed out it also presents a good case for some serious reputation management.

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