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October 2008

I’ve just finished David Meerman Scott’s, New Rules of Marketing and PR (review to follow later this week hopefully) which I can strongly recommend to anyone.
He recently spoke on a similar theme at the Inbound Marketing Summit – the video is below – with topics including blogging, video, news releases and ebooks. If you’re short [...]

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What roadside services can teach us about using free content to attract prospects ‘in need’.

On my way back from Dublin last night we pulled into a roadside service station to make use of the ‘facilities’.

Usually I wouldn’t consider that a likely topic for a blog post but it did get me thinking. This service station [...]

Somebody once told me that I write like I speak.
I took it to be a compliment. Then again it could have meant that my writing rambles with a vaguely Irishy-type accent or that I somehow make audible semicolon noises when I speak.
In a recent post on Copyblogger, Dave Taylor wrote a great piece about writing [...]


Not in the eco sense. In fact, I’m not really asking if your blog is sustainable at all but rather, can you sustain it?
I’ve been discussing blogs a lot recently on various forums and continually come across the same problem – people who have blogs but haven’t touched them in weeks or even months.
And it’s [...]