Good content makes difficult ideas easy to understand

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ABC - keep content marketing simple

Your Prospects Want Simple Solutions

When people search online they are searching for answers and solutions. The simpler the solution the better.

Your job is to make your solution as simple to understand as possible – not to complicate it in an effort to make you sound smart or more professional.

Making the Complicated Sound Simple

So how can you make your content easier to understand?

  • Don’t make assumptions about what your readers know
  • Explain your key point early, go into more detail if you need to and finish by repeating your key point
  • Get rid of unnecessary fluff and padding – be a vicious editor
  • Avoid jargon
  • Use examples to illustrate your point
  • Use a simple style – see this article on Copyblogger
  • Use bullet points and sub headings to break up text and create a logical structure
  • Consider the best format for your message – would video, or audio, or diagrams work better?

Finally, link to more detailed information for those that want it.

Simple Solutions Sell Better

People don’t buy what they don’t understand. Your first job is to explain clearly what your solution is, how it works and what it offers.

Do that and your prospects will want to know more.

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