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December 2008

Personalised landing pages for every direct mail recipient

Springwise points to LookWho’sClicking, a service from MindFireInc, that creates personalised landing pages for every recipient of your direct mail campaign.
When Mark Nagurski receives the direct mail piece from AnyCo, the mailer directs me to go to The custom message sells better than the home page and [...]

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Corporate Blogs Are Failing to Build Trust

Josh Bernoff, in his excellent Groundswell blog, recently posted about research conducted at Forrester regarding consumer’s trust in various communication channels and information sources.
The results: corporate blogs suck.
In fact just 16% of people said that they trust the information they read in corporate blogs. If you write a corporate [...]

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Which is a better bet – paying for advertising or investing in content?

Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken to various clients and potential clients about adding more content to their websites.
By and large they ‘get’ the content idea – they know that great content will attract new visitors, they know it can retain existing [...]


Curated Content – Magazine Style

Curated content is something I’ve written about here quite a few times. The idea is simple, there is an awful lot of content available and you can become a trusted resource for your prospective customers by wading through and finding the nuggets.
Springwise points to Stack Magazines, a new UK-based service that [...]

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