Our Top Five Content Marketing Articles of 2008

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Now that 2009 is underway I thought I’d take a quick look back at the most trafficked content marketing articles from 2008.

Our Five Most Read Posts from 2008

  1. Does Your Written Content Sound Like You?
    Corporate speak doesn’t work, so how can you add a little personality and authenticity to the content you create?
  2. Social Media: Stop Wasting Your Time
    Social media can work for business but not if you treat it like advertising. This one was just published a month ago but already it’s hit the number 2 spot.
  3. MagCloud Print on Demand Publishing
    Creating custom content doesn’t have to mean big budgets. Magcloud can help you produce a printed magazine by handling everything from printing to distribution.
  4. The Best Way to Market a Small Business
    More general marketing advice than content-specific but worth remembering all the same.
  5. Sainsbury’s Feed Your Family for a Fiver
    Admittedly quite a bit of the traffic to this one is probably down to people looking to save a few pounds but it’s also a great example of content marketing by one of the UK’s biggest retailers.

Honorable Mention

It didn’t quite make the top five in terms of traffic but our post on Authority to Publish helped spark a good few conversations and is one of my personal faves of the year.

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