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I’ve often noted here that great content doesn’t have to be written – it can be images, animation, audio, video or even live content.

Case in point: Jamie Parkins, from online video company Vzaar, dropped me an interesting email today with the results of a recent straw poll of Vzaar users. Some of the results included:

  • Diamond Jewellery United based in Antwerp Belgium, saw their sales
    increase by 65% four months after implementing product videos.
  • Industry Recycles who sell second hand equipment, saw an increase in sales over 12 months by over 307%,
  • Yesil, an online furniture website, saw a 50% increase in web
    traffic transferring to a rise of 30% in sales over the same period.

Admittedly the evidence is anecdotal but it does make sense. Creating great content is often simply about giving the prospective customer what they want – and in these cases they wanted a better way to experience the products before they bought.

How could you use video – or any other content – to better demonstrate to your prospects what you do?

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MArketing Donut 05.21.09 at 10:54 am

Anecdotal evidence it may be but the more ways in which you engage your audience – existing and first time contact – the better the reach and accessibility of a business. Our video can be found here

Stephanie Valentine 06.04.09 at 12:47 pm

Nice point … giving the prospective customer a pre-buy way to experience the product produces wonderful content. “A Day in the Life” blogs also work well.

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