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My Blog Bites

The last few weeks I’ve seen a satisfying bump in subscribers, traffic and in some cases comments.
I could attribute the jump to a few things: being more active on Twitter, time spent answering questions in small business forums or getting picked up in the Junta42 and Alltop lists all come to mind.
While they’ve [...]


Corporate Blogs Are Failing to Build Trust

Josh Bernoff, in his excellent Groundswell blog, recently posted about research conducted at Forrester regarding consumer’s trust in various communication channels and information sources.
The results: corporate blogs suck.
In fact just 16% of people said that they trust the information they read in corporate blogs. If you write a corporate [...]

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Seth Godin wrote a short post last week about being misunderstood.
His point was that no matter how carefully you craft your message there will always be people who misunderstand – and that the risk is only heightened when you force yourself to communicate in short formats (like Twitter or Yammer).
Naturally enough some misunderstood this to [...]

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Anyone can publish, but should they?

Not so long ago media was created by professionals. Professional publishers. Professional journalists. Professional authors.
Now anyone can publish; and at the heart of content marketing is the idea that content created and published by organisations can add real value.
In a recent conversation however a client asked, “That’s all well and [...]