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Customer Magazines

Springwise points to a new self-publishing magazine service, MagCloud.
The service allows you to upload your PDFs for free, to be printed – on demand – in glossy magazine format for around 20 cents per page (11p) whether you need ten copies or five hundred.
The idea follows in the wake of the success of print on [...]


Stitsh is a fashion website and blog composed primarily of pictures of the stylish public. In a great example of good content driving buyer behaviour, the site allows visitors to buy the clothes they see by clicking a link.
ASOS Customer Magazine is a print variation of the same idea. Published by customer publishing house Seven [...]

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A while back I posted about ASOS, the online fashion retailer, and how their returns policy made buying from them easy.
Personally, I have never bought anything from ASOS but nevertheless the site makes itself known in my home through the shopping habits of my significant other and, notably, their monthly print magazine – sent to [...]