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Way back in 1997, Don Tapscott wrote about the Net Generation in Growing Up Digital. The premise was simple enough; that we were witnessing the first generation of digital natives – kids growing up never having known a non-digital world – and that it would have a profound effect on both them and society in [...]

What do you do when you have a subject that is often easier to explain visually? You create a video site to explain it of course. And that’s exactly what Wordpress have done with their newly launched site.
In addition to video tutorials, also features interview pieces, video from live Wordpress events and welcomes [...]


Is your marketing house being blown down?
Marketing in a downturn is something that’s being given quite a lot of attention recently – and rightly so. As customers reign in their spending it becomes harder than ever for businesses to convince them – through advertising – to part with their hard earned cash.
While it rarely helps [...]


Somebody once told me that I write like I speak.
I took it to be a compliment. Then again it could have meant that my writing rambles with a vaguely Irishy-type accent or that I somehow make audible semicolon noises when I speak.
In a recent post on Copyblogger, Dave Taylor wrote a great piece about writing [...]