Content Creation and Ghost Writing Services

If Content is King, do you have the time and energy to make it work for you?

It goes without saying that great content marketing requires great content. Unfortunately not every business or freelancer has the extra time or inclination to produce the great content that gains subscribers, motivates readers, demonstrates expertise and generates inquiries.

Really Practical Marketing produces custom content for clients across a range of industries and topics and for just about any kind of print or online media.

Typical projects include:

  • Regular blog posts
  • Newsletter content including both industry news and feature articles
  • Regular columns for local newspapers, trade magazines and online resources – an excellent way to generate local or industry exposure at very little cost
  • One-off articles for print or online distribution
  • White papers, reports and ‘How To’ Guides
  • Non-fiction publications

How we work:

  1. We start with quick chat and a detailed, costed proposal.
  2. Combining our own research with your input means we can cover just about any topic – from business to baking and hair care to car care. Depending on what you need, we’ll research the topic, conduct interviews, translate your great ideas into words or comment on the latest trade and industry info.
  3. If it’s a regular project like blog posts or newsletter articles we can batch them together into a single job or, if you prefer, spread the cost out over time.
  4. We’ll produce a draft for your review – any revisions are included in our quoted fee.
  5. We’ll polish up and deliver the final version.
  6. Everything is published in your name – your customers and prospects will never know we’re involved unless you want them to.

What now?

To arrange a free consultation, make an enquiry or request a quote, please email us directly or use our contact form.

For a list of typical copywriting and business writing projects click here.

If you’d like to see prices for article writing services, you’ll find them here.

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