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I just finished reading an Adage article about how the car brand Mini have been working with MotiveQuest to try and understand how online buzz leads to retail sales – and what they can do about it.
MotiveQuest uses what they call ‘online anthropology’ to decipher why consumers do what they do. Among other things that can [...]


Mark Ramsey at Hear 2.0’s blog – highlighted in a recent post by Seth Godin – tells a story about Walt Disney’s drive for “wienies”.
Wienies are the extras, the unexpected bonuses, the things that delight customers and clients.
Wienies are the things that change your perfectly good product or service into something worth talking about.
Great post [...]

Should we approach word of mouth differently for men and women?
A recent Church of the Customer blog post features a brief interview with Michele Miller, author of The Soccer Mom Myth, as she shares five tips for understanding word of mouth and women.
Although the points she makes are sound I’d argue that quite of her [...]